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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  January 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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apies -- applies for alexanderia arlington, loudoun county, page county, stafford county schools. d.c. public schools will also be delayed by two hours. again, the list continues to grow. we'll continue monitoring that while erica grow continues to monitor the conditions outside. >> reporter: thank you, nick. you can see here on the michael & son weather cam that it is snowing at reagan national airport and there is already a coating down. check out the tire tracks here on the tarmac. you're going to continue that snow, very light stuff. it will continue to accumulate. we'll see the snow sticking. it's not going to go anywhere. by noon we'll start to see the snow breaking up 30 degrees. 32 degrees at 4:00 with the lingering flurry. we will see some improvement in the forecast as we head into the evening and then the weekend is looking way better. but for now, we have the winter weather advisory in effect for all the purple highlighted counties. you can see that includes all
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of southern maryland. it includes the beltway and all the counties that surround it. plus, portions of northern virginia. that goes until noon and includes the city of manassas, culpeper. you can see the snow is tracking toward us from the south. some of the heavier bands of snow are pushing once again into st. mary's and can vert counties. it's -- calvert counties. it's snowing steadily through both of those counties. leonardtown has seen a coating so far. we could see as much as 2 inches in leonardtown, for instance. in southern fauquier, all of culpeper county and stafford and spotsylvania counties are seeing light snow right now. prince william county is picking up light to moderate snow at the moment. temperatures throughout the entire metro area are cold enough to support that snow. it's only 21 degrees in gaithersburg. most of us are in the low to mid-20s but it's 27 in downtown washington. coming up with the first alert seven-day forecast, we'll take a look at some of the model
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data showing some discrepancies between the amounts of snow we're going to get with this system and that will be coming up in a few minutes. right now time again for timesaver traffic and beverly farmer. >> reporter: erica, the closings and delays of schools kind of helping things out as far as the volume on the roadways. on route 50, we're already seeing snow cover on the shoulders just outside the beltway making the trip it annapolis, bowie and cheverly. nothing reported sticking so much to the road surface. it's been pretreated but on and off ramps, bridges, overpasses going to see slick stuff developing soon. beltway colesville road, more volume on the outer loop as you head west into silver spring but that's been mostly dry. no issues to report 270 corridor. that's been in good shape. no incidents to report downtown on the the southwest freeway, although we've seen some other areas of northwest outside the studios there where we know there is snow on the freeway itself southeast, southwest, lanes open toward the 14th street bridge. the volume light there. 66 east through manassas, the
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volume on dry pavement heading toward manassas, the rest area, coming toward fair oaks, vienna, the 95 corridor. culpeper where they've seen nor snow, fredricksburg, king george county. keep in mind the secondary roadways out of neighborhoods really toughest to negotiate. back to you. if you live southeast of the district, then you've been seeing snow since the 4:00 a.m. hour. >> we've been tracking the snowfall all morning long. nikki burdine started her drive in prince george's county. she's moved into charles county. she's in la plata now with a look at the conditions there. nikki? >> reporter: yeah, the snow just started to pick back up again here in charles county just within the past maybe 15 minutes or so. got a big burst starting around 4:00. we took a little break. it went to rain and now we're back to snow. even though it's hard to tell right now, if you can look at the headlines -- headlights at the bottom of the car, you can see the snow starting to come down. the roads are decent right now, the main roads that is.
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right now you're looking at 301 in la plata. the roads are clear. they're just a little wet and damp. of course they can be a little bit slick in sports, -- spots, especially on ramps. i'm going to pan over to you should see the sield of the road here -- side of the road here. parking lots are covered. you can't see not a lot on the grass because not a not has accumulated. what you need to worry about as you head out to work this morning are the roads. that's what we're showing right now and this is what you'll see as you head out. we've seen salt trucks dropping down salt trying to pretreat the roads as much as possible. of course they haven't started plowing and won't till we actually get some real accumulation. charles county schools out today as you heard nick say. we will keep you updated from la plate ta. we're turn -- la plata. we're turning into a parking lot. a lot of snow that's come down
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here. we'll keep you updated here from charles county. going to send it back to you in the studio for now. be careful out there. >> good advice. thank you. areas south and east of us are expected to see the most accumulation from this morning's snowfall. >> that's right. we want to take you to scott broom. we believe he is in the mitchellville-bowie area with his mobile newsroom on the roads there. good morning, scott. >> reporter: good morning. behind the wheel of the mobile newsroom this morning, i'm at a little road called pointer ridge drive just south of mitchellville road in the bowie area. let me give you a look the at the dashboard camera. i'm in a parking lot as nikki was just showing you. i'd call this stuff sort of fairy dust. it's very light. i can see the lines in the parking lot underneath it but in fact it is a coating of very light snow and this is an example of an untreated surface. so if you're on a side street or a driveway getting out the door, this is the kind of thing you're going to see but very
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quickly here, this is a county maintained street here called pointer ridge. you can see it has received just enough brine and salt to make it a wet surface and things are moving along just fine. in front of me going to make a right turn southbound on duke, u.s. 301 which would take me down into upper marlboro. traffic is getting by and commuters are getting by at highway speefds with no problems -- speeds with no problems at all. schools here in prince george's county are delayed by two hours because of the weather that's coming down right now. it's very light and it's not coming down with any sort of volume that's going to get ahead of the salt. so if it's a treated surface, it's in pretty good shape this morning here in prince george's county. that's the view from the camera on the dashboard of my mobile newsroom, scott broom, wusa9. back to you from prince george's county. >> thank you, scott. of course with the changing road conditions, they're going to change throughout the morning. also public transportation you want to keep track of it all. the best place to do that is
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the wusa9 app. you can download it free. we also have the school closes up to the minute on there, too. you can get it on the apple and google play stores. at 6:07, we have the latest on monday's deadly metro tragedy. this morning all metrorail lines are running on normal rush hour service. the yellow line through the l'enfant plaza station was reopened after last night's roush. the train where one woman died and dozens of others were overcome by smoke has been moved to a rail yard. that train car will be held out of service as part of the ongoing national transportation safety board investigation. all metro lines that had been adjusted zoo to the incident are back to normal this morning. >> metro board chairman tom downs offered his condolences and his apology to those hurt or frightened by monday's incident. they are working with ntsb to figure out what went wrong in this case. in a statement he said, qu this will abthorough process that -- will be a thorough process that often takes time.
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we understand passengers want answer quickly. please know once the cause of the incident is understood, we are prepared to take the actions needed to prevent this from happening again. the safety of each and every metro rider and employee remains our absolute highest priority. it 16:08. -- it is 6:08. coming up police continue to search for the suspects involved in a stabbing at a bar in foggy bomb and there is new video out that may help. wusa9 is
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we're still tracking light snow along 66 down through warrenton and also through culpeper. starting to see the back edge through southern parts of culpeper but through the d.c. area, some light flurries continue. where we're seeing the higher consume layings up to an -- consume layings up to an inch, charles county, calvert county. the snow is steady there as well. as you head farther south, it's just going to be more problematic with freezing rain possible. the extra couple of hours will be needed this morning. and we are going to see this push out pretty much on time through lunch time but notice how the bulk of the snow is farther south through maryland just as we expected it to be. right over the bay into east maryland. even annapolis reporting snow as well. stay here. we'll keep you up to date as to who is snowing snow -- who is seeing snow. we have a nice coating on our terrace. temperatures will stay in the 30s. this afternoon one or two degrees makes all the difference. the farther south you go you could see the mix and sleet possible as well. a big turn around tomorrow and
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through the weekend. erica will have the seven-day forecast coming up in just a bit. let's first go to beverly with traffic. >> reporter: school closings and certainly delays helping out with the volume on the roadways. northbound side of 95-395 corridor heading past edsall road rveght, you do find the volume building. thru rains open to the 14th street bridge. 66 the volume delay heading east to manassas, getting past sudly road. lanes are open in the visitors center continuing east to the beltway, falls church. brandywine, 301-5 and the cameras, you can see the snow piling up on the shoulders. pry mayor the on and off ramps -- primarily the on and off ramps. they have aboutage inch on -- about an inch on route 5 in leonardtown. back to you. >> thank you. there are delays and closings you need to be aware of this snowy morning. >> they are stacking up quickly. you can see them at the bottom of the screen. nick has the latest from the newsroom. >> reporter: it's officially a snow day for at least ten
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school districts in the area that have nowpsed closures. we'll start on the maryland side. calvert, charles and st. mary's public schools have announced they are closed for the day. montgomery county, prince george's county, anne arundel and howard counties have pushed their start times back by two hours. on the virginia side, another long list of closures as you can see. it includes culpeper, fairfax, fauquier counties, orange county, prince william county and spotsylvania county public schools. a two-hour delay applies for alexandria, arlington, loudoun county as well as page county and stafford county public schools. as we mentioned just a few minutes ago, d.c. public schools delayed by two hours. >> thank as lot, nick, live in the newsroom. new surveillance video could help d.c. police track down suspects in the stabbing at a foggy bottom bar. five people were stabbed at mcfadden's late last month. investigators are focusing on three people they call persons of interest. they're asking anyone who recognizes the three to call police. the city suspended mcfadden's
6:14 am
liquor license after the stabbings and the bar remains closed. a man convicted in the case of road rage in montgomery county has been sentenced to eight years in prison. david goldberg stabbed two people after a confrontation outside westfield montgomery mall in november 2013. investigators say goldberg nearly ran into another car. then tried to run down the other driver and the passenger. all this while goldberg had his 2-year-old daughter in the car. there has been a dramatic drop in crime at prince george's county for the fourth year in a row. three major categories including violent attacks were down 9% last year. homicides were also down a whopping 40%. at the same time tips to crime solvers are up 22%. >> those are the kinds of changes that has allowed us to continually drop crime in prince george's county. >> county leaders credit community policing for that steady reduction in crime
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there. it's 6:15. a live look outside. it's a yellow alert day, reagan national. there is snow here in the d.c. area. much to our south and east
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right now we want to go to prince william county, virginia and see what's happening there. >> delia goncalves is live on smoketown road in dale city with a look at conditions there. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning. i just arrived here getting on smoketown road traveling through prince william county. you can see light accumulation on the road. crews are doing a great job as we take a look at the intersection. you can see a salt truck just passing through that intersection. there is a good number of traffic on the road. so the commute well under way despite the two-hour delay -- the cancellation rather for the schools here in the district. but, you know, the advisory is for folks to really take it easy to even stay home in the very early morning hours so crews can obviously do their work and clear the roads. that's what we always suggest and that's what crews would like people to do is to stay off so they can clear the roads and salt roads, make sure it is safe for everyone to get
6:19 am
to where they need to be because you know we've seen this before. just a little bit of snow can cause a big headache and major problems for a lot of travelers if they are not prepared and if the roads are slick. so certainly take it easy but good news. we have seen a numbout here taking care of the roads for you. we'll have another look coming up a little later in our newscast. back to you in the studio. >> delia live in prince william county which was up with of the first big school districts to close this morning in advance of the snow coming in. >> here's erica grow with more on what's happening and how long it's going to last. we're going to continue to see the snow falling through the morning commute and the areas that have already seen the heavier amounts of snowfall, that's where you're going to continue to see the focus of this snowfall. further to the north and west, you're going to continue to see little to nothing. let's take a look right now at our winter weather advisory. all the purple highlighted counties are the focus of the energy right now. well t will continue to be
6:20 am
through noon today and a light accumulation. most of us will see less than an inch of snow but it will be enough to make travel this morning very hazardous and you can see why with our three-hour loop of doppler 9000 because the snow is falling at a pretty good rate and it's also falling during the morning commute. we'll zoom into southern maryland, all of st. mary's county picking up on the light to moderate snowfall at the moment and all of calvert county as we. you can see most of charles county is included in that. most of 301 up until you get to the divide with route 5. so dooming in here to leonardtown and thank you very much, melissa jenkins for sending this to our wusa9 facebook papering. you can see -- facebook page. you can see the road she's traveling on completely covered. the inadequately treated roadways will also be a big concern because temperatures are so cold. so we need a good coating of the salt in order to get rid of
6:21 am
this snowfall. your day planner for today by noon we'll start to see the snow showers break up, 30 degrees. 31 at 5:00 with a lingering flurry or snow shower. as the system pulls away, we'll see agent bit of wrap around energy, especially as the area of low pressure ties in to some of the moisture from atlantic. current temperatures well cold enough to support that snowfall. it's 25 in leesburg. 23 in manassas and la plata. 23 at andrews and it's 27 in downtown washington. you can see on 9 futurecast the two models i mentioned at the beginning of the 6:00 hour. the north american model continuing to show the snow falling here on 9 futurecast. by the way the northern american model was the one that really nailed this on the head last week when we had the snowfall during the morning commute as well. by the time we get toward the time when you're picking up the kids off the bus, the snow is starting to taper off and we're dry again by the evening commute. our other model i wamentsed to show you the -- wanted to show you, the 9 futurecast model,
6:22 am
it's completely dry by 9:00 a.m. lingering snow showers by noon. the changeover to rain happens in the southern delmarva peninsula this is much we're expecting. just flurries north and west of the beltway till you get to gaithersburg, leesburg, that area. we'll see a coating to maybe an inch in a couple of spots. 1 to 2 inches in most of southern maryland, including southern prince george's county, including also portions of central with spotsylvania, stafford county, all of fredricksburg will be included in the 1 to 2-inch band. here we are with the first alert seven-day forecast. drying out but still seasonably cold on thursday and friday but the weekend is looking nice. high temperatures near 50 degrees. and we'll start to see rain develop on sunday. that's your first alerseven- day. time again for timesaver traffic. beverly, take it away. looking at 95 in virginia northbound where we've seen a lot of the snow coming out of southern fredricksburg, points south, making your way through stafford. volume still pretty light. some schooldelays helping things out here but the volume
6:23 am
delays built into prince william parkway, getting across the occoquan, heading into newington where again any snow collecting is on the showedders, on and off -- shoulders, on and off ramps. delays into manassas, getting into vienna. pace not bad heading to the beltway. 270 corridor no incidents to report heading into hyattstown we're below speed. germantown south through gaithersburg and rock vi, the light volume, southern maryland again seeing a lot more snow cover and icy conditions out there. thanks for joining us this wednesday morning. wusa9 continues with more stories for you right after here you go. wow! thanks! get a free beverage in any size for enrolling in dd perks, and start earning points towards more rewards with every purchase. join today for a free beverage on us. america runs on dunkin'.
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just right, for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter -- put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. at 6:26, here's some news you may have missed. tests performed on a 24-year- old soldier found dead in texas a. that's according to army officials in the case of the fort hood soldier. tests were given just as a precaution after he returned from deployment in west africa. investigators are now waiting for the final of an autopsy. attorneys for the boston marathon bombing suspect are asking for another delay in the case. they say jury selection should be suspended for at least a month because of intense news coverage of last week's terror attacks in france so far the judge in the case has refused to delay the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev or move the trial out of boston. more evidence of the power
6:27 am
of social media. the justice department is teaming up with facebook and the national center for missing and exploited children to help bring missing children home. attorney general eric holder made the announcement yesterday. he says the amber alert system will now send notifications directly to a facebook user's news feed if it's appropriate for the region. 185 million americans have a facebook account. the obama administration is now on a collision course with the energy industry over a plan to cut emissions. the president plans to cut methane emissions by nearly half through regulations affecting oil and gas production. the cuts would come from a mix of voluntary steps by the industry as well as new government regulations. the company that runs the bike sharing programs in our area and other major cities has some information it wants to share with riders. it's changing its name from bicycle share to motivate. the new name represents action
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and energy. it won't affect the names that motivate management. the upcoming beach season will include new smoking restrictions in ocean city beginning in may. may 1 in fact. smoking will be allowed only at designated areas on the beach and the boardwalk. that includes the e-cigarettes as well. city officials say they can't please everybody but they need to do what's best for those who want to enjoy the beach. it 16:28. take a live -- it is 6:28. take a live look outside. you may not be able to tell but snow is falling not just in areas south and east of the district but in the city as well. >> that's right. the weather terrace is covered, too. allyson rae is out there to give us a look. >> reporter: good morning. we have very light snow out here. there's a nice coating on the deck here. it's really not measurable at all but it is a little slippery out here. if you don't have your sidewalk treated, just be cautious stepping outside your door. as far as snow, really southeast is the winner here. we do have the flurries
6:29 am
continuing along 66 and even just south of frederick along 270 as well through warrenton. finally starting to dry out in culpeper. st. mary's county, you'll be the winner as far as snowfall totals. up to an inch being reported and through southern charles county and calvert county all seeing a good amount of snow. that's really what we anticipated. the farther south you go, south and east the higher the totals. that's going to be the case. temperatures will stay about freezing today. later on this afternoon a lot of this will push off to the east. we could feel a little sleet possible. so until this really gets out into the ocean, we're not going to be really clearing out until later on tonight and then we'll also see some sunshine for tomorrow. so something to look forward to. let's go to beverly with traffic. looking at the trip out of southern maryland, we mentioned an inch of snow in leonardtown, 301-5 corridor trying to make it between charles and prince george's counties. the roadways, major arteries like 301-5 corridors have been
6:30 am
pretreated but side roads, on and off ramps where we're hearing about people having problems either getting stuck or sliding off the roadway. route 50 you can see some snow building up coming up from annapolis, making your way through bowie. snow buildup on the shoulders again just outside the beltway and heading on into cheverly. more volume past 202 to get the kenilworth and new york avenue. more volume into silver spring. 395 northbound, lineup north of the beltway takes you most of the way past landmark. the pace toward the 14th street bridge not been bad. 95 corridor, again south of the beltway where we've seen more snow buildup off of the roadway, no incidents to report. 66, you've got a pretty good ride, just slowing in manassas, eastbound approaching the beltway below speed now. andrea, mike, back to you. if you live southeast of the district, you've been seeing snow since the 4:00 a.m. hour. we've been tracking the snowfall all morning long. >> nikki burdine is driving through southern maryland. the last time we checked with
6:31 am
her she was in la plata. where are you now and what does it look like? >> reporter: we are still in la plata. the last time i talked to you the snow has taken a little break. it's picked back up again. i don't know if you can see through our wind windshield. we've got some big flakes coming down right -- windshield. we've got some big flakes coming down right now. here we are crossing over 301. we're headed eastbound in la plata. you can see the roads right there. there is quite a bit of snow here starting to pack down on the roads, even after cars go through there. we've been driving around here all morning. haven't really issues or slick spots except for the usual suspects, like ramps and those side roads and whenever you make turns, they are a bit tricky and slippery there. so be aware of that. while we were trying to get some good snow shots in parking lots, we ran into someone working for the maryland state highway transportation for the
6:32 am
past 15 years. he's been on the roads since 2:00 this morning. he had some advice for drieferls out here. -- >> for drivers out here. >> you have to control your speed when you're driving and watch out for others. mainly people panic when they get -- they see a little snow on the road. they'll panic, hit the brakes hard and lose control. mainly just try to be safe. >> reporter: good advice there. you can see right now again we're on la plata. look at the road right here. this is a busy road so it's not just the side roads right now that are getting hit. be careful when you head out to work this morning. we are seeing a lot of snow covered roads so just be cautious. give yourself plenty of time. we'll keep you updated from la plata. back to you. >> thank you, nikki. good thing we have some of those delays to give people time to plan their route and for more attempt on the roadways. right now our coverage takes us to prince william county, virginia. >> delia goncalves is live in dale city. prince william was one of the first major school districts to decide it's not a good day to
6:33 am
go to school. what are things looking like now? >> reporter: the roads are looking pretty good. nikki had that interview with the gentleman from the maryland state highway administration advising folks to take it slow. these posted speed limits are for ideal conditions. today certainly not ideal. so you should cut that by half and really take it slow here on the roads. however, you can see the roads here in prince william county, gideon at smoketown road, really looking good actually. we have seen a number of crews salting, brining the area. so they have treated the roads quite well, but of course the advisory is to still stay home if you can. don't commute this early morning. we know prince william county schools as you mentioned the very first to say hey, kids, stay at home. stay safe. and they don't have to worry about clearing off the roads, sidewalks, bus stops and those buses. it could be really treacherous driving around with those heavy
6:34 am
buses on these roads. so right now things are looking good thanks in part to the crews that have been out here working all night long like they have in maryland and a lot of parts of our viewing area making sure that everyone is safe. but of course if you don't have to be out here, you should probably stay home and let the crews do their work. back to you in the studio. >> all right, tank you, delia. we -- thank you, delia. we do have closings and delays you should be aware of this morning. >> they're piling up quickly. nick giovanni has the latest from the newsroom. >> reporter: i don't want to say the list is set just yet but the majority of areas we've been monitoring have announced how they're going to handle the conditions outside. here's the latest list we've compiled of delays and closures. starting on the maryland side, calvert, charms and -- charles and st. mary's k public schools are closed for the day. montgomery county, prince george's county, anne arundel and howard counties have pushed their start times back by two hours. on the virginia side, another long list of closures. culpeper, fairfax, fauquier counties, orange county, prince
6:35 am
wp county and spotsylvania county -- prince william county and spotsylvania county closed today. two-hour delays are alexandria, arlington, loudoun, manassas city, manassas park, page and stafford. we'll continue monitoring this and see if anything develops over the next couple of minutes. that seems to be the list that is set for now. >> one more announcement. queen anne schools are delayed by 90 minutes this morning. >> don't forget the wusa9 app is where you can monitor these closures. you can even set your school district as a priority so that comes up first. you don't have to weed through all of them. it can help you out with metro and the roads. wusa9 is easy to find on google play and itunes. we want to congratulate denise you towsend from clinton, maryland. she says i wake up watching you
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6:39. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. we continue to have light snow falling in the beltway and you can see that on the michael & son weather cam at reagan national airport. your day planner, the snow showers will continue till about noon. then maybe just a few lingering flurries and flakes. the evening commute will be a lot easier than this morning's kind of treacherous rush hour. timesaver traffic. we're checking out the ride right now south of town, northbound side of 395 heading up past the beltway in the lineup getting past edsall road, landmark to the point where the lanes drop from 4 to 3. more volume as you make your way toward the 14th street bridge. lanes open. the roadway has been treated. it is seeing some precipitation. not too bad here. beltway route 5, you can see the snow pile up along the shoulders. on and off ramps will be slow in these conditions. heading into silver spring below speed as you make your way out of college park west
6:40 am
past colesville and around to georgia avenue. andrea, mike? >> we were given the heads up last night as to where we would see the snow and it's panning out this morning. areas south and east of us are seeing the most accumulation this morning. >> which is different because we usually see it north and west of the city. so south and east also prepared. they've been working on the roads since last night. let's go to upper marlboro. scoot broom in live in -- scott broom is live with a look at conditions. >> reporter: i'm at hatch sure hall here, a subdivision in upper -- hampshire hall here, a subdivision in upper marlboro. this is like powder on a powdered donut. let me explain some of the thinking going into the school delay in prince george's county. this is a typical back street here. it's not been treated and it's completely covered with this very light powder. why is that a big deal? because once the tires roll over it at 25 degrees right now, that turns into a very
6:41 am
thin veneer of ice. so in these untreated surfaces like this one, like school parking lots, like some of the side streets and driveways, that's the issue this morning, even though the snow is not coming down very heavily. i'm getting out now on to a county maintained street here. you can see there's been just enough salt and brine put down to give me a lane here. but the shoulders and not the entire roadway as you can see is showing blacktop. that's what's going on this morning here. not a heavy amount of snowfall but enough to cause problems. that's why schools are delayed here in prince george's county. reporting live from the dashboard cameras of my mobile newsroom, scott broom, wusa9. >> all right, scott. not just in prince george's county whether it's millimeters, inches or feet. you know snow means closings and delays and this morning is no different. >> nick giovanni is live in the newsroom to run down the list one more time. nick? >> reporter: mike, andrea, that list is now pretty substantial here. in the matter of 90 minutes the
6:42 am
delays and closures has grown from three districts at least 30. stafford county public schools are now closed. they changed that from an original two-hour delay. let's run you through the list one more time all together. starting on the maryland side, calvert, charles and st. mary's county public schools are closed for the day. montgomery county, prince george's county, anne arundel and howard counties have all pushed their start times back by two hours. virginia again has its share of closures as well. we just mentioned stafford. that also includes culpeper, fairfax, fauquier counties, prince william county, spotsylvania county public schools all closed. a two-hour delay applies for alexanderia arlington, loudoun county, page county, and warren county public schools. again to get you the latest development, stafford county public schools now closed. clearly decisions are still being made at this hour. be sure to keep your wusa9 app on you for the latest updates. mike, andrea? >> good idea, nick. you can customize it so your
6:43 am
district comes up first or if you have to leave the house to clean off your car, look at your hand held and see what's going on when it comes to the commute, schools and the like. of course
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
it is 6:46. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are working on. >> gayle king joins us live if new york. good morning -- live from new york. good morning. >> good morning. ahead elizabeth palmer is in paris with a new video from al qaeda claiming credit for the attacks. we talk to sources on the french manhunt for six more suspects. and two climbers are hours away from making history and one of my favorites, could you be 36 questions away from in love? a top sex therapist is in studio 57 with a new equation for intimacy she says. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 straight up. one of the questions, question 21, mike and andre yarks what
6:47 am
roles do -- andrea, what roles do love and affection play in your life. mull that over. there will be a quiz late other. >> one question now. how is the ankle? people have noticed the bandage. >> i've gone to a crutches to one crutch and now i just hobble around. it's all great. >> the one foot looks great in those shoes. >> clogs are cute. see you guys. it is 6:47. time now to answer our question of the morning. 38% of americans believe they can do this with no training or practice. is it a, skydive, b, ride a motorcycle or c, run a marathon? >> our facebook friend valerie says a. who can't jump out of a plane. motorcycle, you need a license. marathon, you need to get off the couch. but no, the answer is c, people think they can run a marathon without practice. >> come on. are you a marathon runner? >> i've done a couple of half
6:48 am
marathons. >> you know you have to train. >> i have trained for a marathon and never made it to the marathon. i really wanted to be there. >> she was so busy training for weather so she could tell bus today's forecast and the warm- up that's coming. >> yes, there is good news coming. we really have to get through today and the morning commute and then things are going to turn around. the snowfall totals are adding up for areas farther south just as we anticipated and also to the east. we have opal and lusby reporting nearly an inch of snow. we did see a lot accumulate through the district and the north some flurries and a coating. but there are slippery spots out there so do be cautious. you see on our satellite and radar, the back edge is right along 95 from d.c. down through richmond. so this is going to push off. by lunch time it's going to be a different day except for east maryland and the delmarva. that's where the rain, snow and sleet is going to stick around through early afternoon.
6:49 am
the next few hours, the advisory timing just as we want through lunch time and then things will let up. we have flurries along 270 stretching just north of baltimore. down here along 66 starting to really lighten up as well. i stepped out on to the weather terrace. they're lightly falling. it's areas south that are the biggest concern right through la plata and down through leonardtown, st. mary's county. i put a line where the heavier snow bands are. this is where we've seeing about an ink of snow and the snow will stick around there a little longer. i think this is overdoing it a little bit but you have to keep in mind we could still see flurries through lunch time, 1:00. see how it's lingering through the southern delmarva? that's where we'll see freezing rain, sleet possible. overnight we'll see the skies clear agent bit and we're going to be looking at a good end to the week and the weekend much better. temperatures are finally going to rebound not only near average but above.
6:50 am
not even getting above freezing for a lot of the areas today. we're 27 for d.c. 21 for gaithersburg. 23 for frederick. it will be warmer farther south and that's where the freezing rain possibility and sleet comes into play. 33 for today. 39 for thursday. by friday 40 degrees. here comes the weekend. going to be great. saturday is probe the best day because sunday we could see rain push on through during the second half of the day to end the weekend into next week. we'll be pretty cool for monday but saturday, get outside and enjoy it. let's go to beverly with traffic. >> reporter: checking out the beltway south of town, the beltway through alexandria, not looking bad. just off the beltway eisenhower avenue word of an accident. a vehicle that struck a utility pole and knocked it down very close to the metro. eisenhower avenue east of van dorn street will be closed at least until they can safely move the utility pole. another example of conditions out of southern maryland, 301-5 camera at brandy brandywine, you can see the snow cover. -- brandywine. you can see the roadway.
6:51 am
they've had a series of accidents. mostly wet pavement on the treated roadways. the major arteries. but a lot of slick spots developing. kenilworth avenue, eastern avenue more volume now heading out of cheverly. more snow cover on the lesser traveled northbound lanes there. travel 66 corridor, eastbound into manassas, volume has been light getting into vienna. a little more volume toward the beltway with lanes open. that's been on dry pavement this morning. thanks for joining wusa9 starting your wednesday with us. we'll keep you up to date on the school closings, cancellations and the forecast coming right
6:52 am
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people of the coffee-drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right, for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter -- put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. in the news now at 6:54, al qaeda's top lead near yemen has claimed responsibility for the attack on the satirical up in charlie hebdo. the claim was made during a video message released earlier today. a new issue of the magazine hits newsstands in paris today. it includes a new care tur image -- caricature image of the prophet mohammed. two brothers killed 12 people at the paper's offices and another gunmen killed four at a
6:55 am
kosher market. all three gunmen were killed. authorities are still searching up to six people believed to be their accomplices. search and rescue crews continue to scour the waters of the java sea for more of the wreckage belonging to airasia flight 8501. the plane crashed more than two weeks ago while traveling from indonesia to singapore killing all 162 people on board. authorities are now analyzing the plane's voice and data recorders that were retrieved this week trying to determine how the plane went down. virginia governor terry mcauliffe will address state lawmakers in richmond this evening whether he delivers his state of the commonwealth address. governor mcauliffe has already announce add series of proposals -- announced a series of proposals he's expected to highlight in his speech including strengthening pay laws for women and banning discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation. taking a final look at that snowfall forecast. one to two inches in southern maryland. the rest of us, though, will just be a coating, especially in the beltway and points north
6:56 am
and west and then we dry out and warm up. we're finally back into the upper 40s to around 50 by the weekend. can't warm up fast enough. we've got some issues in alexandria. eisenhower avenue east of van dorn street, a vehicle struck a utility pole and brought it down on the roadway. that stretch of eisenhower avenue closed very close to the metro station. virginia 95, look at the pictures of the volume heading north to lorton. not too bad. the pace heading to spring field and southern maryland, the beltway route 5 trying to get there where we've had more issues with more snow cover and slick conditions. right now the beltway itself at route 5 mostly treated. snow buildup is on the shoulders and on and off ramps especially slick. back to you. cbs this morning is next. do you suffer chronic pain? more than eight million americans could be relying on powerful painkillers for relief but are they helping or hurting? they have what you need to know. >> creating love from the laboratory. science can help turn strangers
6:57 am
into soul mates. >> 36 questions. >> beverly and i will be back in 25 minutes with traffic and weather. >> our mobile app is the perfect tool. for the latest on closures and delays throughout the area. >> drive safe out there. there are accumulations adding up. >> join erica and me coming up today at noon. take care, everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if you want it ♪ ♪ go out and get it ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all the goodness of milk all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup.
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good morning. it is wednesday, january 14th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking right now, a problem in space. an pneumonia leak forces astronauts to evacuate part of the international space station. a new al qaeda video claims responsibility for the paris massacre and a defiant "charlie hebdo" returns to newsstands. and now kurt busch says his ex-girlfriend is a trained assassin. huh? >> but we begin this morning with today's


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